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Feed Love Change International

Feed Love Change International

This video is an overview of the history of Feed Love Change International. It explains how FLC began and the development of the program the past 13 years.  

About Us

How It Started


Feed Love Change International (FLC), previously known as Arms of Love, was founded in 2004 by Carolyn McIlwraith. Carolyn’s heart was broken one Sunday morning at a church service when the congregation was shown a video displaying the economic hardships and disparities in Zimbabwe. In the video, a persistent Zimbabwean man (Jackson Ndlovu) continued to jump in and out of the camera begging for help. Jackson was not supposed to be included in the segment but noticed the camera and decided to take action. Carolyn was so moved by the actions of this man that she made it her goal to track down this unknown Zimbabwean. 

After a year of searching, Carolyn finally connected with Jackson and the two began corresponding. For the past 10 years, FLC has successfully fed up to 300 orphans and widows per month in the Nketa community in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Working out of a local church and recognizing the growth of this ministry, it was recommended that FLC become a registered charity approved by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

In 2013, FLC received charitable status from the CRA and now has an active board made up of working volunteers.As an organization, Feed Love Change International has always been eager to serve and provide for those who are living in poverty. We love to serve, and love to provide however, we also strive to be an organization that elicits change and growth within communities, not one who merely offers tangible handouts as a band-aid solution to poverty. At FLC, we are eager to work with our friends in Zimbabwe, providing them with the tools necessary to shape and empower lives. 

Moving forward, we are both researching and seeking other business ventures, which would facilitate positive economic and social growth in the community. We are currently in talks with our team in Zimbabwe to determine the most pressing community needs. Some of these needs have included business suggestions such as carpentry and dressmaking. At FLC, we feel that such developments, combined with our current provision of food, medications and educational fees, will help to develop the Nketa community further.  As an organization, but more so as individuals, we strive to alleviate poverty through community development and education.Its founding was unforeseen and its development unimaginable. 

After 10 years, Feed Love Change International is still partnering with our brothers and sisters in the Nketa community.  To learn more about our projects or about us as an organization, please contact us at feedlovechangeinternational@gmail.com.  If you would like to donate, thank you!  At Feed Love Change International, with God’s help, we really do believe that we can change the world.  Come, join