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December 2018 Newsletter

Check out our December 2018 Newsletter from FLC president, Carolyn McIlwraith. 

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A Message From Zimbabwe


To our Feed Love Change International donors and supporters,

We would first like to start off by saying thank you for your continued support and prayers. It is so greatly appreciated and needed. We are always grateful for food rations. The weather here has not been good. This time of year the crops should be green, but due to an unseasonably dry December and January, our harvest is not good. The 2018-2019 cropping season will be very difficult and I forsee a number of people dying from hunger. It will be very challenging, but we continue to pray and have faith in our Father that He will provide. Every month we get more and more people coming to our food distribution days in hopes that they can get some rations. We try to help when we can, but some months are challenging. All of the participants of the feeding program are very grateful to have this food every month. We hope to continue to explore opportunities to allow the people to work and eventually be able to fend for themselves. 

We are very encouraged to see that our church has drawn in many new members, as relatives of some of the orphans and widows have started to come. It is wonderful to see more people being drawn to Jesus. 

We continue to be happy with the new political dispensation and are excited for what the future of our country holds. Our school going children are doing very well and are enjoying their studies. God is at work here in our country and our community of Nketa. Thank you again for your support and prayers. God Bless. 

Jackson and Guide

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